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Created in 1999, the Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE)'s main objective is to contribute to scientific progress in Economics and to be a research centre of reference at the national and European levels.

NIPE has currently 33 effective members, who obtained their PhDs in some of the best European and American universities.

NIPE is an internationally oriented research center, which is reflected in the large number of co-authorships with researchers from foreign universities, in our seminar series with invited researchers from mostly foreign universities, and in the success of our Summer School, which every year attracts doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from all over the world.

NIPE also aims at contributing, through the provision of consulting services, to a better and more scientifically based analysis of our economic environment and the development of the Minho region.

Funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) since 1999, NIPE is currently ranked in second place among Portuguese research centres in the field of Economics, according to the latest FCT Evaluation of Portuguese R&D Units (2013-2014).

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