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Sá, Luís, Luigi Siciliani e Odd Rune Straume, "Dynamic Hospital Competition Under Rationing by Waiting Times", NIPE - WP 20/2018 

Brekke, Kurt R., Chiara Canta, Luigi Siciliani e Odd Rune Straume, "Hospital Competition in the National Health Service:Evidence from a Patient Choice Reform", NIPE - WP 19/2018

Paulo Soares Esteves, Miguel Portela e António Rua, "Does domestic demand matter for firms' exports?", NIPE - WP 18/2018

Alexandre, Fernando, Hélder Costa, Miguel Portela  e Miguel Rodrigues, "Asymmetric regional dynamics: from bust to recovery", NIPE - WP 17/2018

Areal, Nelson e Ana Carvalho, “Shoot-at-will: the effect of mass-shootings on US small gun manufacturers”NIPE - WP 13/2018

Rezazadeh, Arash e Ana Carvalho, “A value-based approach to business model innovation: Defining the elements of the conceptNIPE - WP 12/2018

Carvalho, Ana e  Joaquim Silva, “The Work Preferences of Portuguese Millennials - a Survey of University Students”NIPE - WP 11/2018

Souza, Maria de FátimaAna Carvalho, "An Organizational Capacity model for wine cooperatives", NIPE - WP 10/2018

Kurt R. Brekke, Tor Helge Holmås, Karin Monstad e Odd Rune Straume, "How does the type of remuneration affect physician behaviour? Fixed salary versus fee-for-service", NIPE - WP 09/2018

Martins, Susana e Cristina Amado, "Financial Market Contagion and the Sovereign Debt Crisis: A Smooth Transition Approach", NIPE - WP 08/2018

Amado, Cristina, Annastiina Silvennoinen e Timo Teräsvirta, "Models with Multiplicative Decomposition of Conditional Variances and Correlations"NIPE - WP 07/2018

Lisi, Domenico, Luigi Siciliani e Odd Rune Straume"Hospital Competition under Pay-for-Performance: Quality, Mortality and Readmissions"NIPE - WP 06/2018

Magalhães, Pedro C. e Luis Aguiar-Conraria, "Procedural Fairness, the Economy, and Support for Political Authorities", NIPE - WP 05/2018, Forthcoming at Political Psychology (submitted pre-print version)

Aguiar-Conraria, Luís, Manuel M. F. Martins e Maria Joana Soares, "Estimating the Taylor Rule in the Time-Frequency Domain", NIPE - WP 04/2018

Sousa, RitaElsa Agante, João Cerejeira e Miguel Portela, "EEE fees and the WEEE system – A model of efficiency and income in European countries", NIPE - WP 03/2018

Sochirca, Elena e Francisco José Veiga, "Key determinants of elite rivalry: theoretical insights and empirical evidence", NIPE - WP 02/2018.

SicilianiLuigi e Odd Rune Straume, "Competition and Equity in Health Care Markets", NIPE - WP 01/2018.

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