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            Odd Rune Straume - Economia Industrial e do Trabalho
            Linda Veiga - Economia Pública e Regional
            Francisco Veiga - Macroeconomia
Gilberto Loureiro - Gestão e Finanças

Horário: Quarta-feira, 13h15
Local: Sala de Executivos, Escola de Economia e Gestão, Universidade do Minho



  Jan 11   Corporate Growth Dynamics under Hidden Competition (Elmar Lukas e Paulo J. Pereira)
    Paulo Pereira (Universidade do Porto, FEP) 

Jan 18 
  A tale of two regimes: Educational achievement and institutions in Portugal, 1910-1950 (Jaime Reis)
    Nuno Palma (Nova SBE) 

Jan 25   Exponential regression of panel data fractional response models with an application to firm capital structure
Esmeralda Ramalho (Universidade de Évora) 

 Fev 08   
Internationalization incentives: rationale and evaluation

Celeste Amorim Varum (Universidade de Aveiro) 

 Fev 22   
Buyback Propoensity and the Anti-Dilution of Dilutive Stock Options (com Mark B. Shackleton)
Rohit Sonika (University of Exeter)

 Mar 22    Special Ones? The Effect of Head Coaches on Football Team Performance 
    Robert Simmons (Lancaster University) 

Abril 05    The interaction between financial performance and governance, environmental and social performance of financial institutions  
Bert Scholtens (Univesity of St Andrews)

Abril 19    Portfolio Optimization with Industry Return Prediction Models  
    Wolfgang Bessler (University of Giessen) 

Maio 03    Helping Others Where it is Needed: Volunteerism as Redistribution?   
    Alexandros Zangelidis (University of Aberdeen) 

Maio 31   
The Long-Term Effect of Wealth on Subjective Wellbeing
    Erik Lindqvist (Stockholm School of Economics)  

Jun 09    
Hazed and Confused: Air Pollution, Dementia, and Financial Decisions 
(NOTA: Sexta-feira)
    Nicolai V. Kuminoff (Arizona State University) 

Jun 14    Unobserved Heterogeneity in Income Dynamics: An Empirical Bayes Perspective
    Roger Koenker (Universidade de Illinois, EUA) 

Jun 21    Household Choices Under Risk: Income and Risk Pooling In Experiments 
Mauricio Prado (Copenhagen Business School)

Jun 28    How much of a problem is problem gambling?
     Ian Walker (Lancaster University Management School)

Set 06    Goods and Factor Market Integration: A Quantitative Assessment of the EU Enlargement (com Lorenzo Caliendo, Fernando Parro e Alessandro Sforza) 
    Luca David Opromolla (Banco de Portugal)  

 Set 20     Cutting out the middleman: trade credit as bridge financing in low valuation markets
    Sujiao (Emma) Zhao (Banco de Portugal)

 Out 04    What Do Recession Expectations Do to Political Budget Cycles? Countercyclical Policy Responses and Procyclical Changes in Deficits (com Jan-Egbert Sturm)
    Frank Bohn (Radboud University, Netherlands) 

Out 11    An optimal and efficient prior-free mechanism - a case from the energy sector
    Thomas Greve (University of Cambridge) 

 Out 18        
    Marta Silva (Banco de Portugal) 

Nov 22   
The Production of Knowledge: A Meta-Regression Analysis
    Pedro Neves (Universidade da Beira Interior) 

 Dez 06  
Electoral systems and fiscal policy volatility in established democracies (com Francisco Veiga e Linda Veiga) 
    Atsuyoshi Morozumi (University of Nottingham) 

 Dez 13    A definir 
    Pedro Brinca (Nova SBE) 

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